About TuToR

TuToR aims at helping with the cumbersome process of learning how to use a tool, what features are available and how to extend the existing software with new capabilities. In addition, it is a good opportunity for speakers to gather user feedback. The long-term goal of this initiative is to encourage researchers to use each other’s tools so that knowledge is shared not only via papers but through personal experience with tools as well.

TuToR offers researchers the possibility to, e.g.:

  • get quickly acquainted with a tool that is similar to theirs, so that they can later easily compare their results with the state of the art;
  • get a first experience with a tool that they might want to extend with their own new feature;
  • and/or try out a tool that is solving a problem connected to theirs.

The speakers are developers of the selected tools with in-depth knowledge about the implementation of their tool as well as the research that it enables. An overview of each tool will be given. In addition, the speakers will guide participants through the essential features of their tool during the hands-on sessions.

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